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Harlem Girl in Saint Tropez

Seeking relaxation from the fast-paced urban life, she embarked on a memorable vacation to the sun-kissed shores of Saint-Tropez. With her radiant smile and undeniable confidence, this Harlem girl effortlessly blended her vibrant style with the laid back elegance of the French Riviera. -Harlem 1920

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Hand drawn-Harlem 1920 Brownstone

Harlem brownstones have a rich history and cultural significance , serving as homes for African-American families, artists, and intellectuals during the Harlem Renaissance in the early 20th century. Today they remain highly sought-after properties, offering a unique blend of historical charm and urban living in one of New York City's most vibrant neighborhoods. - Harlem 1920

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Day At The Beach- 2

The people around them couldn't help but admire their confidence, their
fashion-forward choices, and the way they effortlessly owned the moment. A
symphony of compliments and glances in awe, followed in their wake, a
testament to their undeniable beauty, both inside and out. They relished
on a day filled with laughter, friendship and a shared love for life! - Harlem 1920

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